The CBC Youth group is complied of many students that range from 7th-12 grades, as well as a volunteer team that feels the Lord's calling to see the next generation love God! 

CBC Youth Group

The CBC Youth Group meets every Thursday from 6:30-8pm. During that time we have a dedicated prayer time, games and activities, and an in-depth look into Scripture to help the students navigate their years as teenagers.

CBC Youth Activities

The CBC Youth also have monthly activities to fellowship outside of the church walls. There is a mix between service projects and fun activities. Past events include: Bowling, Escape Room, Sawmill City, Pond Days, and a 30 Hour Famine.

Current Studies

The CBC Youth Group is currently going through an 8 week study on relationship. Examples of relationship types they will be going through are: relationship with God, relationships with Family, relationships with non-believers, and relationships with boyfriends/girlfriends.

Any Questions?

If you have any questions about the CBC Youth Group please reach out to Pastor Hudson at either hudson.pastor@columbusbiblechurch.net or 517-215-1131