CBC Awana Clubs

Columbus Bible Church is committed to training and equipping the next generation to memorizing and applying God's word to the lives of the next generation of the church. Our Awana Club has three different age groups in which the children will be challenged to learn God's word.


Our Cubbies program is designed to help introduce biblical principles to our youngest clubbers. Ranging from 3 years old to Pre-K, the children have a dedicated time for skits and lessons that are centered around learning God's word.


Sparks is designed to help establish to the children who God is and what His word says about this world. During a child's time in sparks they will be learning about God, Heaven, Sin, among other truths. Sparks age range is Kindergarten-2nd grade. 

Truth and Training

Truth and Training (T&T) is designed to solidify biblical truths in which the children were taught in Cubbies and Sparks. During their years in T&T the children will start getting prepared for youth group and for life as they continue growing. This age group will learn how to better serve God, the importance of being rooted in the gospel, and the importance of knowing God.

Throughout the Year

CBC Awana will run from September 8th, 2021-May 18th, 2022 this year. There will be special themed night, as well as a pizza party, and our annual Pinewood Derby. There will be calendars available for pickup at the church. If there are any questions about CBC's Awana program please reach out to Pastor Hudson at hudson.pastor@columbusbiblechurch.net or 517-215-1131.